Please call before 10 am to schedule a pick-up for that day.

Please allow extra time for shipping.


Please notify the lab in advance if your rush will need pontics.

Line separator



  • We offer a lifetime warranty on material defects of acrylic and laser welded joints, and a 90-day warranty for solder joints.

  • All wires are warranted for 90 days.

  • Invisible retainers (IRs) are warranted for 90 days.


Please return appliance, original work model(s), and the bite registration (if applicable) with an explanation as to the reason for dissatisfaction. When returned, the product will be reviewed by our technical staff.


All appliances are guaranteed to fit the original model on which it was fabricated before adjustments are made. 


The guarantee is void if the original work model(s) and bite registration (if applicable) are not returned.


  • Each case shipped will include its own invoice for your records.

  • Statements will be emailed at month's end. Each statement will include invoice numbers and invoice totals.

  • Statement balance remittance is appreciated by the 15th of the month in which the statement is received.

  • A 1.5% monthly charge will incur on all accounts that have outstanding balances over 30 days.

  • We accept VISA and MasterCard for your convenience.

  • For those accounts not in our delivery area, please allow extra time for shipping.

  • For your convenience, shipping boxes and prepaid mailers are provided by us at no extra cost to you.

  • Each case will be returned by UPS Ground Service at your expense.

  • An additional charge will be added to any shipping upgrades.

  • Free shipping is available to digital accounts.