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COVID-19: New Policies

Olympic Orthodontic Laboratory is set to open as of May 19th, when restrictions are lifted by Governor Inslee. In the coming weeks, the lab will be reopening in stages. We will be gradually bringing back our 27 employees as the workload increases. As this date approaches, Olympic is implementing new procedures that will ensure the safety of our staff, as well as yours and your patients.


Pick-up and delivery: Cases that are picked up and delivered will now be required to be no contact. If possible, please send cases by US Mail (prepaid mailing labels can be found on our website). All cases will be returned by UPS. Call for specifics.

In-lab turn-around times: If possible, please consider extending your turn-around times. This will help us through this time of uncertainty, and comply with the new safety measures we have implemented to ensure the safety of our employees and clients.

When sending a case to the lab, impressions/models/appliances need to be placed in a sealed plastic bag. The Rx must be attached to the outside of the bag (please no staples). (We highly recommend that you purchase biohazard bags that have an outside pouch for an Rx.)

DIGITAL ACCOUNTS: new requirement

EasyRx uploading: All digital accounts will be required to upload cases/scans on EasyRx. (Please call for more information.)

For those not yet using digital, we would encourage you to switch. This would help decrease chances of cross-contamination, as well as, ensure that you get your case faster.


In-lab Health and Safety Policies

As for the lab, we have implemented more strict safety procedures, in compliance with new mandates from OSHA and the NADL. As well as disinfecting all incoming and outgoing cases, our in-house disinfection protocol at the lab has always been to wash hands, disinfect surfaces such as handles and counters around the lab multiple times throughout the day. New employee policies that we have implemented include all employees going through a daily health screening as they enter the lab, as well as a face mask requirement.

This protocol has been expanded and reinforced in recent months.

Any outgoing appliances are placed in a sanitizing bath. However, it is the responsibility of practices to disinfect the appliance before insertion.

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at (425) 806-9194.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Barbara Ochsner, President

Olympic Orthodontic Laboratory, Inc.

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